Car Park Markings

We offer individual overall concepts for all aspects of car parking marking work. Parking garages, company parking spaces and underground parking spaces have far more requirements than high-quality parking space markings. We therefore take care of all aspects from planning parking lot markings, dimensions and regulations to parking lot closures; so you can concentrate on your core business.

Thats how it works:

  • During or after an assessment of the parking area, you will receive personal advice and a detailed concept, the marking plan.
  • We carry out all preparatory work, such as removing existing markings, cleaning the surface, developing stencils for company logos, or installing parking lot barriers, speed bumps, posts, signs and mirrors.
  • We will set up the necessary no-parking zones and barrier zones, including the associated signage, directly at the planned location. Of course including all necessary permits, installation and collection of the required traffic signs.
  • Work is possible at almost any time of the day or night for short downtimes.
    To ensure that your parking lot markings last for a long time, we use high-quality paints, coatings and plastics.

Our Customers

We are uncompromising on this – customer focus, efficiency and quality. We support you with advice, planning and implementation, whether it is tailored solutions or standard markings, the HP road marking team is at your side.

Our customers come from a wide variety of industries and areas:

  • Property management
  • Commercial and industrial companies
  • Public transport companies
  • Supermarket chains
  • communities
  • Logistics company
  • Hardware stores
  • Painting companies
  • Road construction company
  • Garden and landscaping company
  • Planners and architects

Parking lot variants

You can expect perfect and clean implementation of your orders from us. We deliver individual solutions for all parking and parking space variants, for example:

  • Parking garages
  • Parking pallets
  • Company parking spaces
  • Underground parking spaces
  • factory premises
  • Parking space variants
  • Customer parking space
  • Employee parking lot
  • Disabled parking space
  • Women’s parking space
  • Family parking space
  • Electric parking lot

Marking work

We offer custom marking work to meet our customers’ needs:

Numbering, no-parking zones, restricted areas, turning arrows, directional arrows, edge markings, pedestrian crossings, inclined positions, symbols/pictograms, such as: B. for disabled, family or electric parking spaces.

We also produce stencils as desired (company logos, special solutions, etc.), use special marking colors (reflective / luminous) for different areas and lay / mark visual floor markings as part of tactile markings.

Solutions for a wide variety of substrates

We supply marking solutions with high-quality paints, plastics or marking nails that are suitable for a wide variety of surfaces, such as: B. asphalt concrete, concrete, cobblestones, lawn pavers, as well as honeycomb or composite stone paving are suitable.

Demarcation work

Markers are intended for long-term use, but sometimes need to be removed. For example, when a traffic situation changes or when a parking lot is redesigned. We offer you the removal of paint, thermoplastics and film, because this work requires special equipment and enables the efficient removal of stripe and coating markings.